Friday, 21 March 2008

Caeley's Dedication February 17, 2008

We dedicated Caeley to the Lord on February 17th. All our cell members also dedicated their babies that was a cell event! :P Thank God all babies were well behaved.. didn't hear any major wailing! Good time to catch up with them too.. nowadays it's very hard to meet for cell, or to go anywhere for that matter. Sometimes it's just easier to stay at home... :(

Us and our cell members!

Just before the dedication... note her dress. I hardly where dresses for Caeley! :P

All the proud parents and babies!

Our family!

Here are some other random photos of Caeley...:

Feeling sleepy in her car seat... she loves this car set! Brand is Britax... from England! No wonder she loves it la.. expensive taste! :P Poor future husband.... hehe.

This was taken when she was about 3 months plus... my! Look how fat she was!

Hehe... after shaving her head (just after Christmas!) Miss botak head!

5 months plus... I LOVE this sleepsuit from Mothercare. This was a gift...

Another gift set... comes with sleepsuit as well as bib and hat! We have such nice friends! :)

Doesn't this pic remind you of Angelina Jolie and Shiloh?? hahahaha!

Ah!! Gong Xi Fa Chai!! Her Chinese New Year attire.. with daddy's matching red Liverpool jersey! (yucks!) :P

Ooooooo!!! My favourite pic! The Best and Youngest Halo player in the world!!!!

"Look ma! One hand!!!.... where's ma chocmilk????"

Awwww..... she's such a poser! She smiles quite easily now... so it's quite fun taking pics of her!

Future ballerina stretching already.... "Mum.... can i let go now????!!!! "

She looks so cute in this one piece! A little bit like a jester... but can't really see in this photo la!